Committed to Excellence ❭ PostMD


In July of 2015, I was asked by Dean Trevor Young to take on a new role as Vice Dean of PostMD. In this capacity, one of my goals is to create synergy between Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME). These annual reports summarize the milestones, events and awards in the first year under this new structure.

Continuing Professional Development is a strategic asset of the Faculty, supporting physician maintenance of certification and licensure. Led by Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss, Associate Dean, the unit offers innovative programming which allows health care practitioners to expand their knowledge, and apply new evidence-based strategies in their practice. Conferences and programs are directly organized by the office, or CPD can assign credit for programs based on criteria of the accrediting colleges.

Our goal is to engage each Department of the Faculty of Medicine in this scholarly endeavour and ultimately to study how we deliver CPD and improve educational outcomes.

CPD highlights for 2015-2016 include the Indigenous Health Conference, an innovative proctorship for rectal cancer surgeons, an award-winning Safe Opioid Prescribing program, a provincial collaborative Quality Improvement program sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health, and the International CPD Foundations Certificate program providing fundamental theory and skill training for professionals working in CPD.

In Postgraduate Medical Education, the aim has been to promote a culture of excellence through leadership and support to clinical faculty and trainees. Under the able stewardship of Dr. Glen Bandiera, Associate Dean, PGME activity has been carried out within the framework of the 2012-17 Strategic Plan.

Over the past year, work at PGME has focused on enhancing several core activities including registration and enrolment, wellness, online learning and Global Health.

PGME highlights include the improved version of PGCorEd, the Resident Fatigue study, information sessions organized for program administrators, and Faculty Development workshops on a wide array of topics, including Competency Based Medical Education.

Across Post MD Education, awards winners in teaching, research, innovation and leadership from CPD and PGME demonstrate a commitment to excellence in medical education. These successes and the continuous efforts of our residents, fellows, faculty, alumni and staff make me proud to be part of this new division. I look forward to what the next year will bring.

Salvatore M. Spadafora MD FRCPC MHPE
Vice Dean, Post MD Education