Sample of CPD’s new microsite template for conferences

Sample of CPD’s new microsite template for conferences

CPD Delves Deeper into the Digital Landscape

The expansion of CPD’s marketing department made 2016 a year of substantial growth with the use of multimedia for conference promotion. Renice Jones, Manager of Marketing & Communications, spearheaded a number of initiatives in her first year at CPD.

The team embarked on a website redevelopment project which took place over a period of six months between January and July 2016. Jones and developer/designer Matt Jiggins led a committee of 5 members through the endeavor that saw extensive auditing, evaluation, creation and design of new and existing content. The new design has acknowledged the unique journey of each of our primary visitors -learners, educators and Academic Program Directors- by consolidating relevant content for each group into respective spaces on the website. The finished product has been recognized as a modern, responsive and accessible website rich in quality content and primed for optimal user experience across all platforms.

The hiring of a full-time Digital Strategist in 2016 has helped to expedite several new projects at CPD, the most visible of which being the development of dynamic promotional videos for the department’s internal courses. Videos for the Safe Opioid Prescribing Course and the International Foundations Program highlight a suite of new content that will promote CPD’s offerings in a new way.

CPD also received international recognition for its print ad promoting the 2016 Indigenous Health Conference, which appeared in the UofTMED alumni magazine. The piece won the 2016 Division Marketing Award for Print Advertising from the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), regarded as the leading association for professional, continuing, and online education in North America. Renice Jones accepted the award at the 25th Annual UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar in West Palm Beach, Florida, representing Graphics Coordinator Teresinha Costa and the rest of the CPD marketing team.

With increased engagement across social platforms and blogs, a redeveloped website, new promotional videos for internal courses and international recognition for print advertising, CPD has ventured confidently into the digital landscape.