The PostMD Organization

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  • Executive
  • Faculty
  • Management
  • Caroline Abrahams
    Director, Policy, Analysis and Systems
  • Glen Bandiera
    Associate Dean, PGME
  • Anna Banerji
    CPD Conference Chair, Indigenous & Refugee Health
  • Trevor Cuddy
    Director, CPD
  • Heather Flett
    Associate Director, Resident Wellness
  • Colin Fleming
    Senior Financial Officer
  • Susan Glover Takahashi
    Director, Education & Research
  • Patricia Houston
    Vice Dean, Medical Education
  • Melissa Hynes
    Lead, Learner Education Support
  • Renice Jones
    Associate Director, Marketing & Business Development
  • Judy Kopelow
    Manager, Global Health Initiatives
  • Alison Lind
    Associate Director, CPD Conference management
  • Heather MacNeill
    Faculty Lead, Educational Technology in CPD
  • Julie Maggi
    Director, Resident Wellness
  • Anne Matlow
    Faculty Lead, Strategic Initiatives
  • Maureen Morris
    Director, Operations
  • Laura Leigh Murgaski
    Program Manager, Accreditation & Education Quality Systems
  • Gerard Nagalingam
    Business Manager
  • Barry Pakes
    Academic Lead, Global Health
  • Allan Peterkin
    Faculty Lead, Humanities
  • Linda Probyn
    Director, Admissions and Evaluation, PGME
  • Paula Rowland
    Scientist (Post MD Education & The Wilson Centre)
  • Suzan Schneeweiss
    Associate Dean, CPD
  • Salvatore Spadafora
    Vice Dean, Post MD Education
  • Shannon Spencer
    International Relationship Manager
  • Walter Tavares
    Scientist (Post MD Education & The Wilson Centre)
  • David Wiljer
    Academic Director, CPD Research and Scholarship