Scholarship and Research across Post MD

PGME has been actively involved in scholarly activities in the 2019-2020 academic year. Representatives from the PGME office participated in four medical education conferences: the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE), the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME), and the University of Toronto, Temerty Faculty of Medicine Physician Health Symposium. Much of the year’s scholarly activities explored ideas of change — how to lead and sustain successful change, understanding and adapting to new national accreditation standards, exploring competency frameworks and faculty development as medical education moves into the competency-based model, identifying a need for change in how we support underrepresented residents in Canada, what can we change to better support resident wellness and residents in academic difficulty, and asking: are we ready for the change that is to come? A complete overview of the presentations, paper presentations, workshops, and posters can be viewed online.

The CPD Research & Scholarship team was pleased to adjudicate two rounds of funding in 2019-2020. The CPD Research and Development Grants were awarded in December 2019 to 5 successful project teams. A list of grant recipients and information about future funding cycles are available online. A further 7 projects were funded in Spring 2020 through the CPD COVID-19 Response Fund which was established with the support of the Temerty Foundation and additional CPD funding.

New scholarly projects include the evaluation of the revised Leading and Influencing Change program and a research project exploring what leadership means in the context of CPD (PI: Dr. David Wiljer) as well as a needs assessment for preparing CPD leaders to develop programs using educational technology (PI: Dr. Heather MacNeill).

Research dissemination continues, with affiliated faculty and staff presentation at the National Accreditation Conference held in Ottawa, Ontario in October 2019, the SACME Conference held in Miami in February 2020, and at the AMEE conference held virtually in September 2020. Recently published works include a study led by Dr. Katie Lundon characterizing the Canadian workforce attributes of extended role practitioners (ERPs) in arthritis care, and a study on Microlearning in CPD led by past Leading Change participant Dr. Helena Filipe.