Teaching and Learning in the Pandemic- Past, Present and Future

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a rapid shift to “emergency” online teaching particularly in synchronous (webinar) environments, with limited preparation of teachers and learners in March 2020. As well, the CPD landscape abruptly pivoted from face-to-face (F2F) to online due to social distancing and travel restrictions. With these rapid changes came an opportunity for the Office of CPD to help by preparing our teacher, presenters, learners, facilitators & moderators for this new learning environment across the healthcare system.

We have released a 7-video series on Synchronous (Live Online) Teaching and Learning in Healthcare which covers online learning, effective teaching principles, co-facilitation, and interactivity in Zoom. Whether you a presenter, co-facilitator, or moderator, the tips highlighted through this educator series will cover what you need to know before teaching online. We are grateful for grant funding from the Coalition for Physician Learning and Practice Improvement for this project and to our colleagues at UGME and CFD who collaborated in the process.

The Educator Series videos cover Introduction to Synchronous Online Learning, Getting Started, featuring audio / video / internet setup, Online Interactivity, featuring screen sharing, annotation, & whiteboards, Feedback, featuring chat, participant pod & polls, Collaborative and Social Learning, featuring netiquette & online communication, Reflection, featuring breakout rooms and Co-facilitation and Moderating Sessions. The Learner Series, how to learn effectively in a synchronous environment will be released in the new year.